Memo Regarding Mask Option

From now until March 12, students and staff must continue to wear masks on school buses and in school buildings. On March 12, although masks will remain strongly recommended, they will become optional for students and staff in our schools.

Many are concerned that there may be bullying about masks. Please speak to your student about kindness and respect towards others:

  • No one has to explain the reasons why they are or are not wearing a mask
  • No one should be pressured to wear or not wear a mask.
  • Each family and each individual has circumstances of their own to consider
  • Each person deserves respect.

Bullying will not be tolerated in our schools on this subject or on any others.

We are all looking forward to the easing of pandemic restrictions and continued steady movement in our return to normalcy.

It is almost time to “Spring Forward!”

Remember to move your clocks ahead an hour on Sunday March 13 for Daylight Savings Time.