All Schools open tomorrow, Friday, January 6th (MJHS/SFHS 10:00 am Late start time)

This notice is to inform SoHum families of important information and updates regarding SoHum schools.

Why: The purpose of this notification is to inform families that we are back to school tomorrow.
Where: All SoHum Schools
What: All elementary schools and Casterlin High School will be on the regular schedule;
Redway has PG&E power; Whitethorn and Casterlin have generators if the power is not yet restored; both South Fork High School and Miranda Junior High will have a late start (10:00 AM)  to give PG&E time to be sure the power is on.
When: Tomorrow, Friday, January 6, 2023
What is needed from you:
  1. Students at Casterlin will need to dress warmly since the generators can make the kitchen and restrooms work, but will not run the heaters. Bring extra snuggly warm things.
  2. Miranda bus riders will be picked up 2 hours later than usual. All other schools are on their regular schedule.
  3. Please watch for text messages and voicemails. Updates will be sent out as needed.
  4. High school students will go directly to 2nd period when they arrive. 
  5. Junior high students will go directly to the nutritional break in the cafeteria on arrival.